My Favourite Youtubers

My Favourite Youtubers

Hi guys! Today I’m going to share with you some of my favourite Youtubers! They give me inspiration for so many looks!

Image Courtesy of YouTube. I do not own this image.

First off KathleenLights is the reason I really got into makeup. She has amazing reviews and fun looks that are easily accomplished. Lastly she didn’t get into makeup until her late teens which I can relate to. I apologize for not having pictures today, instead I’m providing links to the channels. Find her videos Here

Next off, Jaclyn Hill. I shouldn’t even need to say more. She is so spunky but seems so down to earth all at the same time. She will give you honest reviews and her time spent formerly as a makeup artist has given her great experience to share her knowledge with us! Find her videos Here

Next I love watching RachhLoves because she’s a Canadian girl just like me! I love seeing the products she gets because not everything American YouTubers get is available in Canada. RachLoves is the solution! She has a lot of budget friendly videos so you don’t feel overwhelmed by high end products. Find her videos Here

Lastly MannyMua is awesome!!!! He always gives a great eyelook and he has the greatest attitude. He uses mostly high end products but that’s okay because he still gives honest reviews. If you don’t follow him, go do it right now. He will open up your eyes that the makeup world is not only for women. Find his videos Here.

What are your favourite Youtubers? Leave a comment below so I can check them out.

Dupes or Don’ts

Dupes or Don’ts

Hello everyone,

I’ve come across some dupes that could save you some serious $. Some are only consistency and not colour or smell but I promise it’s worth a read!

  1. Dupe: Cornstarch and Benefit’s The Porefessional Agent Zero Shineimage
    Yes! I’m serious! I know this sounds a little crazy but cornstarch makes a great alternative and wears just as amazing! Cornstarch is C$2.97 for 454 grams where Agent Zero Shine is C$39.00 for 6.8 grams.
  2. Don’t: Maybelline Baby Skin and Benefit’s The Porefessional
    They feel similar and upon first applying them they feel the same. My only complaints are the wear. I feel as if the Maybelline version doesn’t wear as well and my pores show more than with Benefit’s version.
  3. Dupe: Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone Palette and Any High End Eyeshadow
    image image

    These shadows have some serious pigmentation! They’re colour payoff is so great I consider these a dupe for any Mac, Urban Decay or Too Faced etc. eyeshadows. High End $12 for individual pans and upwards, $25 and upwards for Palettes. Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette C$6.99

  4. Dupe: Dove Bar Soap for Blender Cleanser by Beauty Blender
    image image
    Yep Dove Bar Soap is the same thing! Dove Bar Soap C$3.47 for 4 Bars. Blendercleanser Solid C$22.00.

Do you guys know of any dupes? Leave a comment below with your favourite duped products!

All the products I mentioned today can be found at Walmart, Mac, Sephora, or The Real Canadian Superstore.